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July 22, 2011
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Okami OC by PokeshippingSuicune Okami OC by PokeshippingSuicune

Okami OCby PokeshippingSuicune

Fan Art / Traditional Art / Drawings / Games©2011-2014 PokeshippingSuicune
Saurka bio: She is from my Okamiden and Okami fan fiction, she comes from our present time Japan no one believes in Amatersu anymore only she does and a young man named Shinji they find out that Yami's human form destroyed earth so Chibi and Issun go and guild them to their time they find Kuni along the way and Kuni falls in love with Saurka they go to Se'an City and find the not dead Kurow! Kurow also falls in love with Saurka.
Then they find put why Kurow alive and what Kuni's true purpose is. Saurka gets kidnapped by Yami's human form and is taken away to be killed then when they find Saurka she is about to be killed Kurow saves Saurka but on the way loses his. Then they have the final battle with Yami's human form Saukra and Chibi defeats him and saves Nippon sadly Saukra and Shinji go back to their world and they can never see the others again, Saukra confesses her love for Kuni and they go back to present time. Then five years later Yami's long lost army strikes and the only the only way they can kill him Saurka or Shinji needs to unleash their Okami power and use all their power, They find Saurka as she having a battle with Waka, she has a reunion with Kuni but sadly is chosen as a meal for Yami's Orochi form Kuni saves her and she travels with Ammy and Issun when they reach the art of Yamoto were all of Yami's form are waiting to battle them Saurka and Issun departed Ammy and Waka and go back to their lives,NOT! During a battle to the death Waka gone and Ammy can't battle anymore during Yami's second form Issun and Saurka take it from here and save Ammy they begin a battle with Yami's second form, Then Ammy saves the world and Saurka and Kuni have 2 kids named Ammy and Shiro.

Base: [link]
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